They understand something that’s often forgotten in CRM strategies

Harvey helped me with several small projects around my home. He also painted my apartment.

This past week Harvey texted me to wish me Happy Holidays. He wrote that he’s grateful for the work he’s done for me and hopes I will always call him when I need work done.

Bella works in a beauty salon and is incredibly passionate about what she does for a living. I’m one of her loyal customers. Bella texts me every now and then to ask me how I am, if I’d like to make an appointment and to let me know when she’s away on vacation for a longer period of time.

Bella and Harvey don’t care much about marketing. Yet they always have customers. They didn’t purposefully implement a CRM strategy. Yet, they abound in loyal customers.

They understand something that’s often forgotten in meeting rooms in large companies.

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The most beautiful friendship of all

When I asked my friend Paula if she has 10 minutes to talk, I didn’t know she was in a hotel room, in a different time zone and pre-morning-coffee. But she called me right way. And she offered me her full heart and her full mind and the best words she could find.

Over the years, Paula and I have created a beautiful friendship.

Beautiful friendships remind me of the V shape in which birds fly. In the V formation of a bird group, each bird supports the one right behind it and gives it more speed. Each bird catches the preceding bird’s updraft, saving energy. When the leading bird gets tired, she simply and peacefully trades places with another.

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Tao’s three business lessons: simplicity, patience, compassion

I’ve turned to Tao Te Ching, by Lao-tzu, many times over the years. This little book always seemed to carry all the wisdom I ever needed. No matter which verses I re-read, there’s always unforeseen knowledge and love, as if it’s not just me who has grown since the last time I opened the book, but as if the book itself has grown wiser and more loving through time, just like a living organism would.

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