I’m Mihaela, and through Build Up Lab I share positive ideas about business, marketing, success and how to live a work and business life that makes you feel proud, happy and fulfilled. I teach and consult on topics like direct marketing, customer retention, customer loyalty and how to grow your business using customer centric and sustainable methodologies. To work with me, please visit this page.

The words “build up” reflect my personal philosophy that no matter where you are in your work and business right now, you can grow, expand and achieve anything you desire, using the infinite wealth of gifts, resources and willpower you already possess within you. By consciously building towards what you want, your desires can become reality.  Bit by bit, brick by brick, you can build the work and business that cause a shift in the world and that make you feel indelibly fulfilled.

I believe life is better when you always reach for the next level, with hope, grace and faith.

As human beings, we can never stagnate. We either go backwards or we go forward. We’re always building, whether we’re building up, or creating buildup. We always have a choice. I love the words “build up” because they remind me how easy it is to focus on blockage or buildup and how possible it is to focus instead on building up. These words remind me that building a successful work life and business is about conscious growth.

Conscious growth starts within.

Our strength lies in the silence between the two words “build” and “up” - the silent thoughts, dreams, deeply seeded aspirations and strategies that dissipate the buildup and help propel us on the path to build up. It’s in this silence that we consciously create the growth we want.

I believe success is not about the attainment of things. Success starts within and is about being fulfilled while on your journey. We’re all unique. We’ve all had unique life experiences, developed unique desires and were born with unique personalities. Therefore, we’re all on unique journeys. Being successful means that we stay on our own unique journey of growth, with hope, faith and grace.

I’m deeply enthusiastic about the topics of work and business. Through our work, we build something that matters and we create deeper fulfillment in our lives. Through our businesses, we create customers, value, resources and we cause the world to expand as a result.

Please join me, as I explore ways for you to create a work life and business that make you feel proud, happy and fulfilled. Thanks for stopping by. I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.