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Tao’s three business lessons: simplicity, patience, compassion

I’ve turned to Tao Te Ching, by Lao-tzu, many times over the years. This little book always seemed to carry all the wisdom I ever needed. No matter which verses I re-read, there’s always unforeseen knowledge and love, as if it’s not just me who has grown since the last time I opened the book, but as if the book itself has grown wiser and more loving through time, just like a living organism would.

So, naturally, every time I’m faced with making a big business decision, I elegantly seek to avoid the responsibility of actually making the decision and instead, I turn to this little book to look for an answer. Just like any responsible adult would. And just like any responsible adult, I’m annoyed when I don’t find Lao-tzu writing anywhere in the book: “Sister, I’ve got your back! Do this and everything will work out well.” Because really Lao-tzu, I need an answer, not something to meditate on.

But here’s what I do find in Lao-tzu’s words: a compass that I can use to make my own decision. A compass that helps me cope with difficult situations. A compass that I hope will help you too, my dear friend.

Here’s my go-to compass: