I created the program LIFELONG CUSTOMERS where I teach my best marketing strategies to help you keep your customers, turn them into lifelong advocates and maximize your product. The program consists of 15 classes that are available to you 24/7 through a private portal upon purchase. The program is currently open for enrollment, so please join me inside. Click here to learn more.


I work with business leaders who would like to increase their profit and enjoy a more fulfilling career.

Through our time together 1:1, I come to you as a guide, a supporter and a trusted advisor. I bring all my marketing expertise to the table, my dedication and my strong desire to see you succeed. I use our time together to give you specific marketing and business advice for your unique business or situation and to guide you into the next phase of your business and career.

I’ve worked in marketing for over 14 years. During this time, I also got an MBA from NYU and a M.S. in Direct Marketing. I’ve worked with Ralph Lauren, Gucci, King Size Direct, La Redoute, MedicAlert Foundation, as well as with entrepreneurs and rising businesses across various industries. Before working independently, I was a Director of Global Customer Intelligence and Experience Management at Ralph Lauren. My marketing tips have been featured in NBC News, US News & World Report, Fiscal Times, Shopify Plus and others.

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"Working with Mihaela at Redcats USA and then at Ralph Lauren, I can say that she is one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject of CRM. Her expertise spans the entire customer lifecycle and targets areas such as connecting with the customer and creating an outstanding customer experience through personalization and data-driven marketing techniques. Mihaela is results-driven and ROI focused. The strategies she enacted at Ralph Lauren contributed millions of dollars in incremental sales to the luxury and Polo Factory businesses. She was instrumental to our success and the marketing practices she developed continue to be utilized throughout the Ralph Lauren company."

Susan Beckett, VP of CRM & Customer Insights at Ralph Lauren

"Mihaela and I worked together at Ralph Lauren for over two years. Mihaela is the real deal. She's a results driven marketer who will quickly turn customer data insights into new marketing opportunities that catapult sales and drive long-term business growth. She also has a genuine desire to share her knowledge and expertise, and is great at explaining complex concepts to people who are not as familiar with customer data, CRM and direct marketing. Plus, she’s pleasant to work with, and just a nice person in general."

Nami Choe, Platform Insights Team Lead at Google

"Mihaela is truly a special person. Not only does she have a strong business acumen, but she knows marketing inside and out. She is also analytical and creative, a balance extremely hard to come by, making her a powerful force in this field. During my tenure, Mihaela was the only person to win two consecutive awards for her work that created new marketing initiatives for Ralph Lauren. Well deserved recognition based on the results garnered including the contribution of a substantial amount of profit to the company. While generating business results is critical for success, Mihaela is also compassionate, patient and truly cares about her work and the people around her. "

Maritsa Toro, VP/Director of Advanced Analytics at DigitasLBI

 "The one key behavior I will always cherish about Mihaela was her ability to challenge strategy and her ambition to reach the end goal no matter how much effort and time it took. Mihaela is a leader with an incredible future ahead. She introduced me to a new view of data analytics when I joined Redcats USA, and our journey together drove productive projects with significant impact to Revenue and Ebitda. Mihaela’s ability to add a 360 view to customer purchasing behavior was excellent. Her contribution to the entire spectrum of the marketing funnel was critical to the success of our brand's performance."

Naheed Adil, VP Marketing at Fullbeauty Brands

 "Mihaela is a CRM and marketing expert.  By taking her advice, I was able to better plan marketing communication to increase both the ROI of each deployed communication and the overall engagement of the customer database and, therefore, increase overall sales.  Her insights and strategic recommendations were instrumental in helping my company increase the lifetime value of our customer base which is the holy grail of customer retention and loyalty.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking to maximize their customers' value and the ROI of their direct marketing efforts.”

Katherine LeBlanc, Head of Beauty Sales and Customer Engagement at CVS Health 

 "Mihaela is a fantastic marketer and analytical thinker. She is creative, innovative, and is always the go-to for data driven marketing expertise for all levels of a company. She taught me not only how to examine quantitative and qualitative customer information, but to communicate those results to various stakeholders throughout an organization. One of the most valuable lessons I learned through my time working with Mihaela: as a Marketer, you are truly the glue that binds brand and business, and if you can provide both creative and analytical insights to your clients and partners, you will build strong relationships and a sustainable business."

Jenny Burke, Integrated Marketing at Dunkin' Brands

"Mihaela has been such a great help to me and my business. She's easy to talk to and has definitely led me in the right direction. She pointed out things on my website to change that I would have never thought for myself. She showed me not only how to attract customers, but also how to keep them. I highly recommend her services. I am truly happy with the service I received."

Michelle Branch, Entrepreneur