You’re a truth teller and a revolution igniter.

You speak your mind.

You act and communicate according to your values.

You can rally people to drive change, simply by being yourself and staying true to your values and your purpose. Every industry and every customer needs more businesses like yours.

Fairness is highly important to you.

You believe your customers should get from you only what’s in their very best interest, regardless of the impact on your business. For example, if buying less from you is in their best interest, then you have no problem promoting that.

You believe your customers deserve to know the truth and you’ll gladly and relentlessly deliver it to them.

If you don’t agree with the “rules of business” in your industry, you’ll most likely defy the norm and run business your way.

As a truth teller, you abound in transparency, even if that means saying the things that nobody else wants to say or that people are afraid to hear. You’re honest and open about everything and everyone.

 It’s refreshing and energizing for your customers to listen to you.

You care about your customers, but you won’t pep talk them or even strive to inspire them. However, by simply being yourself, your customers find inspiration in you and your business.

Your communication style is different than that of most businesses in your industry. You’re direct. You speak your mind. You don’t cut corners or make compromises. You don’t hide facts.

You’re not afraid to talk about your most embarrassing mistakes if you think hearing them will help your customers. You’re likely to openly share your journey to success or to failure.

You’re also not afraid to speak the truth about others if you notice they’re being immoral. At times, you might even call out on people or businesses who are crossing ethical boundaries, even if they’re considered “influential” in their industry.

You’re analytical and intelligent. You don’t consider “likes” or “shares” a measure of success. Instead, you quantify the positive impact you make in the world and on your customers and keep a close eye on your sales, profit and customer retention rate.

Building a relationship with your customers is important to you. You show your customers you stand by them and care about them through your actions, rather than through your words.

 Your customers admire your honesty, your bravery and your consistency.

They look to you as a leader. They’ll follow you. They’ll rely on you to lead the way.

Your customers are likely to remain loyal to you for as long as you remain true to who you are.

Buying from you makes people feel more aligned with their own truth and their core values. It makes them feel like they’re living purposefully.

The people drawn to you are the people who hold the same values as you. Truth and fairness are as important to your customers as they are to you. They trust you will always speak the truth, as they would if they were in your situation.

Because you lead with values, you set the stage for a long lasting relationship with people before they even buy from you.

Even people who don’t appreciate the Truth Revolutionary at first could eventually be drawn to her, as they come to respect her consistent adherence to her “truth”. The Truth Revolutionary grows on people because she does nothing else than to simply be herself. How could anyone not admire that?

Your customers don’t appreciate “pushy” and dishonest sales tactics. Unlike some people, they can immediately tell the difference between a dishonest sales promise and an honest one.

Your customers may appreciate consistency more than spontaneity (even though a small surprise here and there will surely keep them interested in what you have to say and offer!).

You’re likely to invest in (or at least be open to) modern CRM strategies, customer segmentation and targeted marketing to grow your business and improve your customers’ experience – and always with integrity.

Values/ concepts that may speak to you

Belief     Bravery     Character     Confidence     Courage     Determination     Effectiveness     Fierceness     Focus     Freedom     Honesty     Honor     Integrity     Loyalty     Openness     Practicality     Strength     Straightforwardness     Trustworthiness     Truth

How to use the results of this test

As I mentioned earlier, my intention in creating this test is to help you become more aware of the relationship you create with your prospects, leads and customers.

Knowing your customer relationship style is important because this information will help ground you and your team.

Let me briefly use myself as an example. Based on the results of my own quiz, I'm a Hugger. I have other tendencies as well - for example, given my background in direct response marketing, I also have Data Ninja characteristics. But my predominant style is that of the Hugger.

While who I am as a person or as a business doesn't fluctuate, I occasionally find myself writing emails or blog posts that sound somewhat "harsh" (the opposite of a Hugger's style) - not because I feel that way towards those who read my writing, but because after deleting what I consider extraneous, well, I may sometimes sound harsh in writing.

But knowing that I'm predominantly a Hugger helps ground me and alerts me to where I sound differently than how I feel. So, I always edit my writing one last time while remembering I'm a Hugger, not just a marketer.

I found this has helped me tremendously. I hope it will help you too.

Even if you don't write blog articles, you probably have a marketing communication of sorts, whether we're talking about what's on your website, your marketing emails, or your Facebook ads. All of these channels are opportunities for you to stay consistent in the way you build a relationship with your people. And that's where your relationship style comes in.

Furthermore, you can also use your customer relationship style as a starting point to capitalize on the gifts you already possess, and to ask for help in the areas that are challenging for you. For example, if you excel at building relationships but don't use your customer data much (or well), you can ask for help in this latter area.

And now, dear Truth Revolutionary reading this, I wish you only joy and success.