Build Up Lab

At first I couldn’t see the wisdom in these simple words.

I was sitting at my kitchen table browsing domain names when I came across “” It was available. It wasn’t glaringly un-esthetic like everything else I’d come across. I bought it. Then, I panicked. Did I choose the word “buildup” as my business name? Could a word with such a negative connotation be the right fit, for me?

I called a friend. He said, “Buildup? That sounds sexy and trendy nowadays.” Sexy?! I could be sexy?! Done. Business entity created. Website made.

A couple years later, after various ups and downs and after what at the time seemed like the biggest down in my life so far, I took a break from working. I recalibrated myself. I re-aligned through thoughts of optimism, faith, grace (a word that ended up becoming my daughter’s name!).

When I was ready to pick my business up again, I looked at my domain name and I read the words “build up.” It seemed logical and easy to see these two words. Why did I see the word “buildup” all along?

These words, build up, became a way of living, working and creating. They reminded me of how easy it is to focus on blockage, on buildup. They also reminded me how possible it is to focus instead on building up.

But most of all, they reminded me that we always have a choice. To go backwards or to go forward. As human beings, we can never stagnate. We’re always building something, whether we’re building up, or creating buildup.


Build up, not buildup.

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The Build Up philosophy is simple: always reach for the next level, with hope, grace and faith.

The Build Up philosophy is about consciously building towards what you want to achieve. It’s about taking the journey to create your best, most powerful, and most transformative work. It’s about understanding that there is a journey and that all of us are on a journey. It’s about commiting to an end destination.

I have so much more to learn in life. But one thing I know for sure is that whenever I achieved something I wanted, I had made a commitment to focus on thoughts, actions, strategies and decisions that took me in the direction in which I wanted to go. I had made a commitment to build up.

In every moment, we have a choice. Does this action or thought bring us closer to what we want, or further away from it? Does it help us build up towards what we want, or create buildup?

When I look around me at all the businesses that have transformed the way we live, think or feel, I see that they were created and led by people who relentlessly stood for what they believed, who courageously answered the calling they felt in their heart and who, step by step and brick by brick, chose to build up. They didn’t choose to focus on buildup. Instead, they took another step and laid another brick, knowing that each step and each brick are part of the journey that leads to the end destination.


Our strength lies in the silence between the two words “build” and “up” - the silent thoughts, dreams, deeply seeded aspirations and strategies that dissipate the buildup and help propel us on the path to build up.

When you build up, things are always getting better and better. The infinite wealth of gifts, resources and intuition that you already carry within you will guide you to the life, work and business you were truly meant to enjoy. Ironically, when you build up, in the end, there’s no such thing as buildup anymore. Buildup vanishes quietly into thin air.

When you build up, you have no doubt that everything that ever happens is to help you become the strong and wise individual you want to be and to help you advance on the journey you’ve chosen to take. When you build up, you enjoy the process, because the process is part of the journey. When you build up, you stay grounded in your dreams and your dreams become reality. Bit by bit, brick by brick, you build the life, work and business that transforms the world and that makes you feel indelibly fulfilled.

To me, building a business and meaningful work is a beautiful process that creates value, builds momentum and transforms lives - our customers’ and our own.

When I close my eyes and imagine our world in the future, I dream of a world in which every single business creates resources, makes customers feel appreciated and helps people feel free, creative, powerful and beautiful. That’s the world towards which I choose to build up.

My name is Mihaela and I’m a business coach, a marketing consultant and a writer. I started my work here on this website after more than a decade of being a direct marketer for companies like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, La Redoute and others. I believe that a business can make the world a better place and that it can transform its customers’ lives. Most importantly, I believe that your work and business are deeply needed in the world, by all of us. I invite you to adopt the philosophy of building up and commit to creating work or a business that makes you feel proud in your heart and that, as a result, fulfills you and benefits all the rest of us here in the world.

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