Build Up Lab

These two words literally changed my life.

I was sitting at my kitchen table browsing domain names when I came across “” It was available. It wasn’t glaringly un-esthetic like everything else I’d come across. I bought it. Then, I panicked. Did I choose the word “buildup” as my business name? Could a word with such a negative connotation be the right fit, for me?

I called a friend. He said, “Buildup? That sounds sexy and trendy nowadays.” Sexy?! I could be sexy?! Done. Business entity created. Website made.

A couple years later, after various ups and downs and after what at the time seemed like the biggest down in my life so far, I took a break from working. I recalibrated myself. I re-aligned through thoughts of optimism, faith, grace (a word that ended up becoming my daughter’s name!).

When I was ready to pick my business up again, I looked at my domain name and I read the words “build up.” It seemed logical and easy to see these two words. Why did I see the word “buildup” all along?


We either build up, or we create buildup. As human beings, we’re never stagnant.

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These words, build up, became a way of living, working and creating. They reminded me of how easy it is to focus on blockage, on buildup. They also reminded me how easy and possible it is to focus instead on building up.

But most of all, they reminded me that we always have a choice. To go backwards or to go forward. As human beings, we can never stagnate.

The Build Up philosophy is about always reaching for the next level, with hope, grace and faith. It’s about mindfully growing and mindfully removing blockage. Our strength lies in the silence between the two words “build” and “up” - the silent thoughts, dreams, deeply seeded aspirations and strategies that dissipate the buildup and help propel us on the path to build up. When you build up, things are always getting better and better. The infinite wealth of gifts, resources and intuition that you already carry within you will guide you to the life, work and business you were truly meant to enjoy.

I have so much more to learn in life. But one thing I know for sure is that whenever I achieved something I wanted, I had made a commitment to focus on thoughts, actions, strategies and decisions that took me in the direction in which I wanted to go. I had made a commitment to build up.


You can use this philosophy in any area of your life, business and work.

For example, I teach direct marketing, customer retention and customer loyalty strategies. It’s my area of expertise, which I’ve built over many years, working with various big and small companies. At the heart of what I teach is creating long lasting and fulfilling relationships with your customers.

But, you can’t achieve customer loyalty without consciously focusing on the long term relationship you want to achieve with your customers. One question I ask those who join me in my program Life-long Customers is “Does this action bring me closer to customer loyalty, or further away from it?” Does it help me build up towards what I want, or create buildup?

Does tripling your price overnight without telling your customers help you build up customer loyalty, or create buildup?

Does treating your employees fairly, and with respect, help you build up customer loyalty, or create buildup?

Does showing emotion help you build up customer loyalty, or create buildup?

The Build Up words are a metaphor for a different way of creating anything. They force us to focus on the choice we make in any moment. They force us to focus on our long term goal - and it’s that goal that we want, isn’t it?

Let’s build up, not create buildup. No more excuses, no more second guessing. This is your time to get what you want.