Your success starts with how much your team knows and how empowered they feel to take your business to the next level

I love training small teams on foundational or advanced best practices in direct marketing, CRM and customer analytics.

The more your team knows about these topics, the better results they’ll help your business achieve and the more fulfilled they’ll feel in their work.

Marketing - especially direct marketing and CRM - is not rocket science. But it does require experience to master.

Over the years I’ve run hundreds of experiments, tried a myriad of direct marketing and CRM strategies and in the process learned what works and what doesn’t.

I’m eager to share everything I know with you and your team and to equip you all with knowledge that will last you a lifetime and help you take your business to the next level.

Email at hello@builduplab.com to get started.

A sample of topics I might train your team on:

  • Email marketing and direct mail best practices

  • How to create an efficient customer segmentation

  • How to identify opportunities to make more profit using your customer database

  • How to drive a higher customer retention and earn more customer loyalty

  • Customer analytics and how to use your customer intelligence to get more sales

  • CRM best practices to build a profitable and long lasting relationship with your customers

  • How to develop and run marketing tests that get you more sales and profit

  • How to create an outstanding customer experience

For small groups only (maximum 5 people). A small group allows me to make a bigger impact and adapt what I’m teaching to each person’s unique understanding level. A small group also allows everyone else to feel at ease and ask the questions they might be intimidated to ask otherwise.

  • One day of training in an intimate setting

  • Ask me anything during weekly office hours for the three months following our training experience

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How to get started:

Step 1:  Email me at hello@builduplab.com

Step 2: We’ll have a complimentary call so that I better understand your needs

Step 3: I’ll create a personalized training plan for you

Step 4: Hire me and we’ll book the dates. The training can take place in your city, in NYC or during online video sessions.

Step 5: Ask me any follow up questions during weekly office hours reserved exclusively for you for the next three months.