You don't need to wear a magical costume with a cape and a mask to be a superhero and make a difference. You can make the world a better place simply by building a genuine relationship with your customers, prospects or readers.

The quality of the relationships we build will eventually dictate the quality of our business. Sadly, the quality of these relationships is one of the most overlooked aspects in business nowadays.

And that’s exactly why I created this quiz.

I wanted to help people become more aware of the relationship they create with their customers. By answering a few questions, this quiz will help you uncover your tendency in how you build a relationship with your customers, prospects or readers.

What's your customer relationship style? 

Are you The Noble, The Hugger, The Truth Revolutionary or the Data Ninja? 

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How I created this quiz

While working on creating the content for my online course “Build Up Lab” (which teaches how to keep & loyalize your customers), I noticed through my research that there are different ways in which people and businesses build a relationship with their customers, ways which can fit in specific patterns.

While looking for answers to these questions…

  • What makes some businesses effortlessly get loyal customers?
  • Why do others struggle?
  • Why are some businesses remembered and some forgotten by their customers?

…I realized that the businesses that were most successful at getting loyal customers were the ones who created a relationship with their people in a way that was aligned with who they were as a business. On the other hand, businesses that tried to mold a one size fits all approach struggled to get loyal customers and true fans, even though they sold a good product (and, in my opinion, deserved loyal customers).

By gaining loyal customers in a way that’s directly aligned with who you are, you’ll be better equipped to keep your customers engaged and willing to stay with you (and buy from you) forever.

The Hugger, The Noble, The Truth Revolutionary and the Data Ninja describe the four most common customer relationship styles I discovered in my research. They describe the relationship you build with your customers. They’re not archetypes, they’re simply tendencies. You weren’t born with them, you simply wear them in your business (sometimes unknowingly), and you can change them at any time.

(No email opt in required to read your results)