You’re a creator and a visionary.

You created a highly desirable, elevated and robust brand, with an aura of elegance around it.

Some people envy your brand. Others get goose bumps when they think about it.

Rarely are people indifferent to it.

You carry yourself with so much grace and lightness that others might think you achieved this status overnight or that people flocked to you naturally.

But you’ve worked hard, and for a long time. You obsessed over every decision you’ve ever made and over every product you’ve ever created.

You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your craft and making sure every single detail is as perfect as it can possibly be – and then some. You have every reason to feel proud about your products and the business you’re creating.

You’ve wholeheartedly succumbed to the delicious process of creation, even when you experienced feelings of frustration or desperation along the way.  

Your customers are inspired by you.

They look up to your brand. They gladly pay premium prices for your products, and not just because of their high quality.

Rather, it’s because buying from you makes people feel differently about themselves.

For example, they may feel stronger, more empowered, more beautiful or more confident as a result of owning and using what you sell. No other customer relationship style can achieve this better and more naturally than you.

Whether you sell a physical product or an experience, what you offer has a deep meaning for your customers. Often, the Noble’s customers feel like they’re honoring themselves and their lives when they invest in her products.

This is not the result of marketing tactics or any specific marketing campaign. Rather, it’s the result of your hard, intentional and consistent dedication to creating the best products over time.

Your passion, dedication and elegance lure people in.

Even when you’re not rigorously building a relationship with your customers, many of them feel like they have a relationship with you, because your products and your brand have such a deep meaning for them.

The Noble is usually the master at building highly personal, 1:1 relationships with some customers, most likely her VIPs.

She treats her VIP customers like royalties and makes them feel like they’re insiders to a special club, a club so exclusive that most people don’t even know it exists. The Noble may give them gifts, invite them to special, red carpet events and share behind the scenes, private business details with them.

Values/ concepts that may speak to you

Ambition     Beauty     Bliss     Confidence     Courage     Creativity     Delight     Desire     Elegance     Grace     Noteworthiness     Originality     Passion     Pleasure     Respect     Romance     Sensuality     Tastefulness

How to use the results of this test

As I mentioned earlier, my intention in creating this test is to help you become more aware of the relationship you create with your prospects, leads and customers.

Knowing your customer relationship style is important because this information will help ground you and your team.

Let me briefly use myself as an example. Based on the results of my own quiz, I'm a Hugger. I have other tendencies as well - for example, given my background in direct response marketing, I also have Data Ninja characteristics. But my predominant style is that of the Hugger.

While who I am as a person or as a business doesn't fluctuate, I occasionally find myself writing emails or blog posts that sound somewhat "harsh" (the opposite of a Hugger's style) - not because I feel that way towards those who read my writing, but because after deleting what I consider extraneous, well, I sometimes sound harsh in writing.

But knowing that I'm predominantly a Hugger helps ground me and alerts me to where I sound differently than how I feel. So, I often edit my writing one last time while remembering I'm a Hugger, not just a marketer.

Even if you don't write blog articles, you probably have a marketing communication of sorts, whether we're talking about what's on your website, your marketing emails, or your Facebook ads. All of these channels are opportunities for you to stay consistent in the way you build a relationship with your people. And that's where your relationship style comes in.

Furthermore, you can also use your customer relationship style as a starting point to capitalize on the gifts you already possess, and to ask for help in the areas that are challenging for you. For example, if you excel at building relationships but don't use your customer data much (or well), you can ask for help in this latter area.

And now, dear Noble reading this, I wish you only joy and success.