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Hi! I'm Mihaela.


I teach, coach and consult with people who want to get more profit, more sales and more loyal customers. This website is my place on the internet where I share my ideas about business and marketing with you.

My marketing experience includes working with Gucci, Ralph Lauren, La Redoute, KingSize Direct and other wonderful companies. Before starting my own practice, I was a Director of Global Customer Intelligence and Experience Management at Ralph Lauren. My marketing tips were featured in places like NBC News, US News & World Report, Fiscal Times, Shopify Plus Blog and others.

I love all things business and marketing. But I especially love how business celebrates people with a relentless passion to create products, services and ideas, and how it creates the avenue for all of us to connect with our customers and to make a difference in their lives.

As a long time direct marketer and CRM strategist, I invite you to build a long lasting, profitable and fulfilling relationship with your customers and audience. Not just because it's fun to connect with your customers and make them feel appreciated, but also because you'll make more money, grow more sustainably, and find more fulfillment in running your business.

The words “build up lab” reflect my personal philosophy that, no matter where you are in your business or career right now, you can grow, build up and achieve anything you desire, using the infinite wealth of gifts and resources you already possess within you.



Official Bio:

Mihaela helps people get more sales, more profit and more loyal clients.

Her background of 13+ years in marketing includes a mix of experience working with brands built solely through direct response marketing, as well as iconic, multi-billion brands.

She's worked with companies like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, La Redoute and KingSize Direct. Before starting her consulting and coaching practice, she was a Director of Global Customer Intelligence and Experience Management at Ralph Lauren.

Mihaela holds an MBA from NYU Stern Business School, a M.S. in Direct Response Marketing from NYU and a B.A. in English from Vassar College.

Her marketing tips have been featured in places like NBC News, Shopify Plus, US News and World Report and Fiscal Times.

After starting her career working in direct response marketing and learning direct marketing best practices from leading companies and individuals in the field, she used her skills to help traditional and iconic brands develop or expand their direct to client marketing activities, making more sales and more profit in the process.

She believes the purpose of any marketing strategy shouldn’t be to only create more sales, but to also create long lasting, fulfilling and profitable relationships with customers and prospects.

Mihaela is passionate about teaching and sharing her expertise through online classes, writing and in person training experiences. She’s the creator of the online training program Connections, where she teaches her best strategies to create loyal and highly profitable customers.


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