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Years ago, I met a loyal customer in person.

It was a rainy evening. The sun was setting. We were together at an event, and our conversation was becoming personal, honest and unguarded. She leaned forward and told me something that I remember clearly to this day:

“It’s unbelievable how much work and preparation goes into each of your products. To me, each product is a unique work of art.”

Her words stuck with me to this day.

It was true that a lot of preparation went into making each of our products, but the reality was that our products were produced in as large numbers as those made by any other company in that industry! They certainly weren’t unique works of art.

But my client’s perception was different. She looked at the product she bought not as something you use or consume, but as something you hold and cherish, something unique, that gives you as much fulfillment as a work of art would.

I’ll never forget her words.

I realized in that moment that she wasn’t buying a product, a logo or a status.

Instead, she was buying a feeling that deeply resonated with her, a feeling that added more meaning to her life.

That’s why she felt such a deep emotional connection to our products and to our brand, and that’s why she was willing to pay a premium price, buy again and again and refer other clients to us.

Yes, I teach customer centric marketing strategies that bring in more sales and more profit. But at the heart of what I teach is creating a long lasting and fulfilling relationship with your customers.

Yes, my entire career has been focused on direct marketing strategies that drive profit. But at the heart of all these strategies is driving more customer loyalty.

To me, the purpose of marketing is to make customers feel and know that they’re appreciated, heard and seen.

To make them feel differently.

To create value in their lives not just through the products they buy from you, but through the way they’re greeted, talked to, listened to and celebrated as unique individuals. People don’t want to be treated as masses, because they aren’t masses. They’re individuals.

When you create marketing like this, sales, profit and a strong global brand follow effortlessly.

Through my online program Life-long customers, that’s what I’ll help you achieve - marketing that doesn’t just drive sales but that also makes your customers feel unique, beautiful and deeply appreciated.

Make customer loyalty the norm, not the exception

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LIFE-LONG CUSTOMERS is an online training program where you'll learn smart and efficient customer retention & loyalty strategies to:

  • make your customers buy again and again from you

  • build a long lasting and genuine emotional connection with your customers

  • create customer journeys that maximize your profit potential

  • keep your VIP clients and get more customers like them

  • make your customers feel appreciated, heard and seen at every step of the way

  • apply direct & relationship marketing best practices in your business

  • understand key customer insights and use them to grow your business