Years ago, while working for a company that sells luxury products, I had a long conversation with one of our loyal customers. It was a rainy, serene evening. She was honest, unguarded and enthusiastic. She leaned forward as if she wanted to tell me a secret and said these words:

 “It’s unbelievable how much work and preparation goes into each of your products. To me, each product is a unique work of art.”

I looked at her. She stood there proudly, dressed head to toe in our products. I’ll never forget her words. It was true that a lot of preparation went into making each of our products, but the reality was that our products were produced in as large numbers as those made by any other company in that industry. They certainly weren’t unique works of art.

But my client’s perception was different. She looked at the product she bought not as something you use or consume, but as something unique, that you hold and cherish, something that gives you as much fulfillment as a work of art would.

I realized in that moment that she wasn’t buying a product, a logo, and not even a status either. Instead, she was buying a feeling that deeply resonated with her, a feeling that added more meaning to her life.

Our products and our marketing helped her feel differently, a more grounded, more powerful and more confident version of herself. Because of the deep emotional connection she felt towards our products and our brand, she was willing to pay a premium price, buy again and again and refer other people to buy from us.

I realized in that moment that we always have a choice in business: to create a transaction or to create a relationship. Unlike a transaction, a relationship adds more meaning to our customers’ lives (and our own) and leads to higher profits.

At the heart of everything I teach when you join me inside Lifelong Customers is creating a long lasting and fulfilling relationship with your customers.

It’s rewarding beyond belief to know that your marketing transforms your customers’ lives. You don’t need to invent a product that changes the world overnight in order to make a difference.

You can make a meaningful difference by treating your customers with more care, more appreciation and more respect, and by making it your business goal to build a relationship with them, not a transaction.

To me, the purpose of marketing is to make customers feel and know that they’re appreciated, heard and seen. To make them feel differently. To create value in their lives not just through the products they buy from you, but through the way they’re greeted, talked to, listened to and celebrated as unique individuals. People don’t want to be treated as masses, because they aren’t masses. They’re individuals.

When you create marketing like this, more sales, more profit and a strong, global brand follow effortlessly and undeniably.

That’s what I’ll help you achieve when you join me inside the program - marketing that doesn’t just drive sales but that also makes your customers feel unique, beautiful and deeply appreciated.

The end result? Lifelong customers.