You have a unique warmth about you that quickly draws people in.

You’re caring, loving and genuine.

You love your customers profoundly and think of them at every step of the way. You most likely created a customer-centric business, and almost naturally. You’re not driven by profits and growth, but by the impact you can make on the people who buy from you and who work for your company.

Your business means a lot more to you than what meets the eye.

You put your whole heart into your business. You’re likely to say that a business has, or it should have, its own soul and that its soul should guide all its actions and the way it treats its people.

Authenticity, hospitality and love are guiding forces in your business.

Because you care about your customers so much, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re open and you always tell them the truth. Some people might even call you an “open book.”

Your customers appreciate your transparency.

Once you’ve gained their trust (which doesn’t take long in your case), they will trust you forever and never doubt that you will always have their best interests at heart.

Your relationship with your customers is likely to make you stand out in your industry, outlast competition and become inimitable.

The way you make your customers feel could never be replicated by your competitors, because your competitors could never match your genuine and unique warmth.

You make your customers feel welcomed, appreciated and respected. In addition to your natural warmth, you intently create messages that make people feel that way.

Your marketing messages are important to you, not just because they represent your brand, but also because you’re aware of the responsibility you have towards your customers, as a business owner. You’re likely to revisit everything you put out into the world to make sure your messages positively affect people.

You consistently prove again and again that your products and your work are created to help people, and that you stand by your customers.

Being the authentic person that you are, you seek to show what you stand for more through your actions than through your words.

The thought of purposefully creating a distance between you and your customers may sound repelling to you.

Instead, you embrace inclusivity and fairness.

You want everybody to benefit from your work. You’re likely to respond to comments from followers and customers. If you run into a customer in a public place, you’re likely to carry a conversation with them and answer any questions they might have, right there on the spot.

What your customers say is important to you. You’re likely to go to great lengths to seek your customers’ feedback and you consistently look to incorporate it into your business. If it wouldn’t be slightly illegal, you’d probably knock on their doors and ask them if you could come in and just pick their brains for a little while J

The Hugger intently builds a relationship with her customers. Having this relationship is important to her and her business, so she thinks long and hard about how to strengthen it, and how to show her customers that they mean so much to her business.

Your customers adore you.

In a sea of businesses that don’t care about their customers (or that preach “care” but don’t act like it), you are a breath of fresh air.

As long as you keep being your authentic self, your customers will want to be by your side forever. They feel good around you. Your warmth and genuine care make them feel, at last, “at home.” You make your customers feel so close to you that they feel like they have a personal relationship with you.

They will gladly buy from you again and again and send referrals your way. The Hugger usually has a high customer retention rate.

Values/Concepts that may speak to you: 

Affection    Benevolence     Calm     Community     Compassion     Connection     Contribution     Creativity     Empathy     Generosity     Gentleness     Hope     Joy     Kindness     Lightness     Loyalty     Openness     Peace     Positivity     Thoughtfulness     Trustworthiness     Truth

How to use the results of this test

Let me briefly use myself as an example. Based on the results of my own quiz, I'm a Hugger. I have other tendencies as well - for example, given my background in direct response marketing, I also have Data Ninja characteristics. But my predominant style is that of the Hugger.

While who I am as a person or as a business doesn't fluctuate on a daily basis, I occasionally find myself writing emails or blog posts that sound somewhat "harsh" (the opposite of a Hugger's style) - not because I feel that way towards those who read my writing, but because after deleting what I consider extraneous, well, I may sometimes sound harsh in writing.

But knowing that I'm predominantly a Hugger helps ground me and alerts me to where I sound differently than how I feel. So, I always edit my writing one last time while remembering I'm a Hugger, not just a marketer.

I found this has helped me tremendously. I hope it will help you too.

Even if you don't write blog articles, you probably have a marketing communication of sorts, whether we're talking about what's on your website, your marketing emails, or your Facebook ads. All of these channels are opportunities for you to stay consistent in the way you build a relationship with your people. And that's where your relationship style comes in.

Furthermore, you can also use your customer relationship style as a starting point to capitalize on the gifts you already possess, and to ask for help in the areas that are challenging for you. For example, if you excel at building relationships but don't use your customer data much (or well), you can ask for help in this latter area.

And now, dear Hugger reading this, I wish you only joy and success.