This simple and free trick can make a big difference in your business and life, forever.

If you want to get better at marketing (and sell more), all the books and all the online courses in the world won’t teach you as much as this one trick, as long as you commit to it for a while.

Here’s what I suggest to truly learn marketing:

From now on, whenever you pay attention to a product, an offer, a product page, whatever you look at that has a marketing meaning to it, please ask yourself:

  • What about it moved you (in a good or a bad way)?
  • What about it made you take the action that you took (click, buy, read the whole thing etc.)?

In other words, analyze your own behavior, feelings and thoughts in response to what you see. Work backwards from your decision to take action and from your positive/negative feeling and be honest about the triggers that influenced you to get there.

Was it something in the words you read? Was it something in a video you saw? What were the exact words/or lack of words that made your heart jump? Why did you take action?

For example, you’re in the grocery store. Do you tend to pick up the same items almost every time? Most people I know do. Why do we do that?

One explanation is that these items make us feel safe, because they’re familiar and because we trust them. Familiarity and trust are two marketing principles. People prefer what they’re familiar with. People buy what they trust. 

So, familiarity and trust can help you sell your products too. Now that you’ve experienced first hand the importance of these two marketing principles, you’ll start thinking about how you can incorporate them in your own business.

Or, have you bought something recently that had a deadline to it (for example, a discount that expires at some point or a program that was only accepting new people up until a certain day)?

If you did, think about how you felt and what you thought about in these moments when you tried to decide to buy. Did you push yourself to make a decision because you knew the offer would expire soon? Urgency is another marketing principle that works.

Now you can build it into your business. By thinking about how you felt in these moments, you can also anticipate the objections and the facts your prospects might need answered about your product before they buy.

If you get into the habit of analyzing your response to marketing materials this way, you’ll just keep getting better and better.

You can apply this trick to anything you want to learn, not just marketing. I read a book a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. It impressed me greatly, and it made me feel warm on the inside. Then I read another book that made me feel ice cold on the inside.

I was intrigued what these two writers did differently. So, I went back to the book I loved and looked for patterns in the author’s writing style. It turned out there were specific writing style patterns that one book had, and the other one didn’t.

For example, the book I loved didn’t start sentences with a solution-ascribing verb i.e. “Do X and you’ll feel better”, but instead started them with “Try doing X and you’ll feel better”, or “Many people don’t feel well. If you’re one of them, doing X will help you feel better.” Same solution, but less commanding.


Cover image credit: Teddy Kelley