You’re a rare blend of a visionary mind and a highly calculated decision maker.

You’re intelligent about the risks you take. You intently wear your head on your shoulders, as much as you humanly can.

Data, algorithms and your customer data are at the core of your business.

You strongly believe you need to use data intelligently in order to create a stronger business, sell more and grow more sustainably. You believe good algorithms should be at the core of decision-making in a company, and that people’s emotions can sway them away from making the best decision for themselves, their company and their customers. In fact you’re likely to think that data and emotion are at two completely different ends of a spectrum.

When it comes to marketing budgets, if you can’t put a number on it, the Data Ninja may not want to waste her time with it. You will not throw marketing dollars at an initiative that can’t be backed by data and tested first (against multiple variations).

Likewise, the Data Ninja ruthlessly cuts superfluous costs and consistently asks herself and the people she works with: “is this investment the most efficient usage of our money?” As an analytical person, you know that any dollar not efficiently invested is a dollar taken from your customer and every dollar taken from your customer contributes to a lower retention rate and a loss in business profits.

You see problems simply as exciting opportunities to find a solution.

Data Ninjas love a good challenge because they know finding a solution propels their business and helps the world grow.

The Data Ninja is likely to not worry about injecting personality in her communication style. You like to keep things succinct. You may use as few words as possible (purposefully or not) when you communicate with your customers.

However, the words you do choose for your marketing communication appeal specifically to the audience you’re speaking to. You’re likely to create different variations, with different imagery and words for different customer groups, to ensure your message resonates with the person who sees it and to ensure you’re investing marketing dollars wisely.

Your customers may describe you as “always reading their mind” (little do they know that you use all that data to craft the perfect message, for the perfect audience, at the perfect time!) In fact, your customers feel as if you are speaking to them directly, which makes them feel more attached to your business.

Your customers love buying from you. They trust you. Being the data driven business that you are, they trust you’ve created products they need and that you’ll deliver a pain-free experience for them.

Buying from you makes people feel at ease that they’re not wasting their money. They may describe their shopping experience as easy, certain and convenient.

You understand the importance of customer retention, loyalty and CRM.

While many competitors in your industry use most of their advertising money on acquisition, you invest more in keeping a customer than on getting a new one, because you know, based on your data, that retention is a key driver for growth. This is also one of the reasons why your business is more profitable than others in your industry.

You use advanced customer segmentation strategies and pioneer new customer programs that drive maximum profit in your business.

You most likely think long and hard about improving your customers’ experience. You have strong business acumen and you know that a better customer experience will increase your retention rate and your profits. So, you’re likely to invest time and resources in making sure your customers get what they want out of the experience of buying from you.

Values/ concepts that may speak to you:

Balance     Confidence     Courage     Determination     Effectiveness     Fierceness     Focus     Functionality     Intelligence     Logic     Perseverance     Persistence     Power     Productivity     Reliability     Usefulness

How to use the results of this test

As I mentioned earlier, my intention in creating this test is to help you become more aware of the relationship you create with your prospects, leads and customers.

Knowing your customer relationship style is important because this information will help ground you and your team.

Let me briefly use myself as an example. Based on the results of my own quiz, I'm a Hugger. I have other tendencies as well - for example, given my background in direct response marketing, I also have Data Ninja characteristics. But my predominant style is that of the Hugger.

While who I am as a person or as a business doesn't fluctuate, I occasionally find myself writing emails or blog posts that sound somewhat "harsh" (the opposite of a Hugger's style) - not because I feel that way towards those who read my writing, but because after deleting what I consider extraneous, well, I may sometimes sound harsh in writing.

But knowing that I'm predominantly a Hugger helps ground me and alerts me to where I sound differently than how I feel. So, I always edit my writing one last time while remembering I'm a Hugger, not just a marketer.

Even if you don't write blog articles, you probably have a marketing communication of sorts, whether we're talking about what's on your website, your marketing emails, or your Facebook ads. All of these channels are opportunities for you to stay consistent in the way you build a relationship with your people. And that's where your relationship style comes in.

Furthermore, you can also use your customer relationship style as a starting point to capitalize on the gifts you already possess, and to ask for help in the areas that are challenging for you. For example, if you excel at building relationships but don't use your customer data much (or well), you can ask for help in this latter area.

And now, dear Data Ninja reading this, I wish you only joy and success.