Fulfillment: how you deliver your product or service

I’m in love with the word “fulfillment”. It makes me feel full and filled and yet, thankfully, at the same time, this little big word makes me feel like I’m forever filling my never ending and constantly expanding bucket.

But today I want to talk to you about a different kind of fulfillment, the one where you get to deliver your product to your customer. Fulfillment in marketing means, simply put, the delivery of your product.

Does the sale begin when the customer says “yes”? If you want loyal customers, it sure does. I’ve shared a lot about this idea before. When you join me inside Lifelong Customers, you’ll hear me mention that what you say or do right after people buy for the first time is, in fact, your sales pitch for your customer’s next purchase from you. It sounds counterintuitive at a very first glance. Right after people buy is the time when most of us - we’re humans - want to rest our laurels. We want to breathe a little, because we’ve worked hard to get that sale.

But I’d suggest we find some time to breathe before the sale, because this short period of time right after people buy is the moment when you need to press the gas pedal. Press it courageously, strategically and wholeheartedly and you’ll do your business, yourself (and your customers) a great favor.

Enter fulfillment: how you deliver your product.

There’s always a delivery of the product, no matter what you sell. That digital product that people would have to download themselves after they buy? That product gets delivered too. Anything that people pay money for is delivered one way or another.

Fulfillment means much more than packaging and placing your product in your customers’ hands, inbox or other space. Fulfillment comprises everything you do or say from the moment your customer paid money, to the moment she/he fully experiences your product. Fulfillment comprises saying welcome and thank you and helping people feel fully satisfied and aligned with their purchase decision. Fulfillment is about making people feel happy and about helping them decide (albeit mostly subconsciously at this point) if they’ll want to buy again and refer others to your business.

Fulfillment is not about filling a hole in your customers’ lives. It’s about creating a bucket full of customer satisfaction, the promise of another purchase and about putting a smile on your customers’ day’s map.

If you’d like to learn how to deliver your product in an outstanding way, join me inside Lifelong Customers.

Mihaela Akers