Business is about sharing value

If there were no other people left on Earth but you, would you still do what you’re doing today for work?

Would you still create your products, your services or your ideas?

Think about it.

There would be nobody left to buy your products, to read your books, to listen to your presentations, to need your services. So, your business - the way it exists today - wouldn’t exist anymore if it weren’t for others.

If your business and your work wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for others, it makes logical sense that the purpose of all business is to benefit others and to improve their lives.

To create and share value with others.

We start alone, with our own desire to create something meaningful and to savour that journey of creating. But we continue on the path together with our customers and our audience.

I want to remind you of this simple and beautiful truth because, as you grow your business and expand your work, I invite you to always ask yourself "does this step I'm about to take create value for others?"

I also want to remind you of this idea because there are many who think that business is about sleazy selling or that selling is about taking money from customers. And as a result, they're apprehensive to sell their products.

But that’s not what [good] business is really about.

My son rode his scooter to school this morning because somebody created that product and then thankfully asked me to buy it. I attended a paid seminar this weekend because somebody thankfully decided to share their knowledge with others. Last night I found an easier way to meditate because somebody created an app with white noise sounds and then thankfully advertised it on the internet. There are examples like these all around us.

Our lives are better today than they’ve ever been because somebody, some time, understood that business is about benefiting others. And then, they created something that they can joyfully sell to others.

Mihaela Akers