The space between knowing and doing

While working on my online program Build Up Lab, I noticed a trend among the business owners I had the privilege to collaborate with. I can only describe this trend as a “space between knowing and doing”.

It refers to the fact that we don't do what we already know we have to do. Knowing we have to spread the word more widely about our product. Knowing we have to start using email marketing. Knowing that business is taking more from our life than adding to it.
…And not doing anything about it.
This space is dangerous. The longer we wait, the larger it becomes. We start believing our own excuses, we get used to life as it is right now, and we miss out on what we could have otherwise.
Is there an area of your business, where you’ve inadvertently created this space?
This space is often caused by nothing else other than fear. People may say they’re busy, they’re lacking information, they don’t have the money, or they just need to wait until this or that passes.
But underneath all of that is fear. The fear of looking silly, the fear of failing, the fear of being exposed, the fear of losing money. Fear can take many different shapes. Fear is nothing else than a lack. The lack of self confidence, lack of self love, lack of desire to fix something, lack of joy.
Ask yourself, what’s been holding you back? List your reasons. If, like one of the wonderful people I worked with, you’ve been wanting to take advantage of email marketing in your business but you’ve been putting this off for a while, you may have been held back by…
 … not knowing where to start
 … being afraid that you won’t have the time to create “good enough" emails
 … being afraid that you’ll break the trust you’ve already established with your past clients

Try to find a practical solution for each of your reasons. For example:
… I can learn enough about this topic to get started. I’ve learned many other things before, even when I thought I didn’t have the time. I can read a book, take an online course or hire a business coach. Email marketing isn’t rocket science!
… I can always hire somebody to help me. I can start with contractors to make this easy for me to get my feet wet.
… I can create a different email strategy for my past clients than for any other clients I add from now on with email marketing. 

Once you feel more empowered, break your overall objective into small steps that you can start taking as early as today. Give yourself real deadlines for all the steps you’ve outlined, and stick to them to the best of your ability. Find a book or online course by this date. Finish it by this date.

Most of the things you want, you can get. Most of the problems you feel you have, you can fix. As Einstein said once:
“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

(photo credit: Jan Phoenix)