Don’t let “not being original” hold you back

Have you ever felt that what you have to share with the world is not original enough? Have you ever felt an idea light you up but you didn’t share it with the world because you found it’s been said many times before?

When I first started writing on my blog, I googled many things to see if they’ve been said before. The more I searched, the more I stopped writing. I wrote many pieces I never shared.

I would come up with an idea I could have sworn it’s original, then I would look it up and I’d find countless other people who shared the same idea but with different words.

Maybe most things are not original anymore. Maybe they never were, but now that everything can be recorded and shared online we can prove that originality is an illusion.

So, I never look up things anymore. I write about what I feel in my heart I should write or about what I think other people could benefit from reading.

If you’ve ever felt the way I did, I hope you’ll still share your message with me and everyone else, because I assure you, we need to hear it. Regardless of how many others have said it before, we need to hear your perspective on it.

Your perspective is something that only you could share. It’s already unique by definition, because it springs from you and from your life experiences. And no matter who you are, there’s no one exactly like you in the world.

I’ve read so many books about the same topic, and most of them didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. But I learned from each of them. Even if I’d already encountered the same ideas elsewhere, seeing them through someone else’s eyes allowed me to think more deeply about them, to cherish them more and to learn new things.

The same will happen to everyone who reads your ideas. People will love and find useful what you share, even if it's been said before. 

One of my literature professors in college said some words to me once that I’ll never forget, and I hope you’ll find them useful as well:

“All of the ideas ever presented by humankind have all been said before. And you can find them all in one book, the Bible.”

Love, compassion, money, greed, murder, emotions, thoughts, beliefs- you can probably find all these ideas and plots around them in the Bible.

So, if you’ve ever felt frustrated because you think you’re not original enough, please don’t wait any longer. Share your ideas and your stories exactly as they want to come out of you. We can't wait to thank you later.

And the best thing of all… when you let go of trying to be original, originality happens. Because when you share your perspective, you’ll unintentionally be unique. 

Mihaela Akers