Mihaela Akers’ Bio

Mihaela’s 14+ years of marketing experience includes working with Gucci, Ralph Lauren, La Redoute, KingSize Direct, MedicAlert Foundation and several other wonderful companies. She writes and teaches at www.builduplab.com. Prior to starting Build Up Lab, Mihaela was a Director of Global Customer Intelligence and Experience Management at Ralph Lauren. Her marketing career includes a mix of experience working with brands built solely through direct response marketing, as well as iconic, multi-billion brands.

Mihaela holds an MBA from NYU Stern Business School, a M.S. in Direct Response Marketing from NYU and a B.A. in English from Vassar College.

Her marketing tips have been featured in NBC News, Shopify Plus, US News and World Report, Fiscal Times and others.

Mihaela is passionate about teaching and sharing her expertise through online classes, writing and in person experiences.

She believes business is about making a difference in others’ lives and that great marketing starts with building long lasting, fulfilling and profitable relationships with customers.

She’s the creator of the online training program Lifelong Customers, where she teaches the best strategies she’s learned in her marketing career to create loyal and highly profitable customers.