Mihaela Akers


Hi there, I'm Mihaela.

I'm a marketer, a mother and an entrepreneur.  Through this website (welcome!), I share my ideas about business, marketing and life with you. I write articles, create online courses and organize small in person events.

I have deep respect for people like you who stand up to create work that’s meaningful. I know you’re on a journey that’s messy and beautiful and hard all at the same time. That it requires a whole lot of love, compassion, resilience, patience and courage and that it fills you up while also forcing you to constantly expand. Thank you for staying on your journey.

It's people like you who inspire me. My purpose is to share stories and ideas about how to change the world by creating a purposeful and profitable business. I’ve worked in marketing, for companies small and large, since 2004. I’ve created and implemented lots of advanced marketing strategies, collaborated with amazing people in business and learned a lot in the process. But the most exciting moment in my career came one day, soon after my son was born, when I started asking myself “why does our work in business matter?”, "can business help change the world?" and “how can I contribute?” That’s how this website and my work here was eventually born.

One of the main ideas that you'll see pop up throughout my work is my belief that you'll grow a highly profitable and fulfilling business when you prioritize making a difference in your customers' lives. I see business as a creative force that changes lives, not as a vacuum that amasses transactions.

I believe business, at its best, is a creative expression that celebrates people’s uniqueness, that’s born out of love and that makes the world a better place

My professional experience (Bio)

Mihaela Akers helps people accelerate their business, get more sales and gain more loyal customers. Her background of 12+ years in marketing includes a mix of experience working with brands built solely through direct response marketing, as well as iconic, multi-billion brands. She's worked with Gucci, Ralph Lauren, La Redoute, KingSize Direct and several other wonderful companies.

Her marketing tips appeared in NBC News, US News & World Report, Fiscal Times and Shopify Plus Blog. Before working independently, she was a Director of Global Customer Intelligence and Experience Management at Ralph Lauren.

She's passionate about teaching business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals how to grow their business and make a big impact in the world.

Mihaela holds an MBA from NYU Stern Business School, a M.S. in Direct Response Marketing from NYU and a B.A. in English from Vassar College.

She's the creator of the online course “Build Up Lab”, which helps business owners and professionals keep customers and gain their loyalty, and in the process, build a business that stands the test of time. The course teaches a combination of direct response, branding, customer segmentation, email and customer journey marketing strategies and actions steps, and is based on Mihaela’s professional experience.

She lives in NY with her husband and their three-year old son.

Thanks for stopping by.

I sincerely hope we'll stay connected in our journey.